This page, as are most of these applications, are a work in progress.

Updates will be made available when possible. Please leave any feedback and\or feature requests.

  • Abort System Shutdown

    Abort System Shutdown add-in will run in the background, including extenders, and if there is a scheduled system shutdown or reboot Media Center will detect the pending shutdown and give the user the option of aborting it.

    I have a weekly reboot scheduled on my HTPC, this gives my family members a chance to cancel if they happen to be watching a late night movie or TV.

    [abort shutdown]

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel is a work-in-progress add-in for MC7. I built it to be able to toggle Media Center between my primary monitor and secondary when playing fullscreen games. I plan on adding additional functionality for switching audio devices and other control panel type operations.

    [control panel]

  • Hide Media Center Menu Strips

    A helper app for Media Center, Vista and Windows 7, for hiding menu strips for either all users or per user, including extenders. This does NOT do any resource editing, it is registry based only. For all users setting or for extender accounts you will need to run the application with administrative rights.

    [hide menu strips]

  • Mount Image

    Mount Image is a simple add-in for MC7. It does two things: 1- makes ISO files (and other supported disc formats) visible to the native Movie Library and Video Library; 2- will mount it for you either via "text-right" or via directly. If you hit play then you'll temporarily see a video error screen as the disc image is mounted in the background. The current version has extender support disabled until I make a small change to my code.

    I know most people do not use the native Movie Library but it is a nice backup method.

    [mount image]

  • Open With

    Open With is a simple helper add-in for Windows 7 Media Center for playing video files in an external player via the native interface. It works by configuring a default external player. The player will be launched for any configured extension in addition to any video file that has soft subtitle files (srt or idx\sub) present in the same folder as the video file. You may also setup a different player per file extension.


  • Remote Remap

    Remote Remap is a simple background add-in for Windows 7 Media Center that "remaps" remote control buttons during Video Playback.


  • Extender Dvd "Transcode"

    Another quick add-in I wrote for MC7 for watching movies on Media Center Extenders. The add-in does not do any transcoding, it uses to the "transcode.dll" loophole to create an on-the-fly playlist for watching movies stored in the VIDEO_TS folder structure via the native Movie Library on extenders.


  • Yammm (Yet Another Media Meta Manager)

    Yammm is a simple, lightweight, fully automated media meta manager for movies and TV series. It runs in the background as a Windows service and will monitor and poll for new media. Yammm can organize, rename, grab metadata and artwork, create playlists and then store it in a number of formats that are compatible with the most popular HTPC software.

    [do you yammm?]

  • W7 Toggle Display

    Here is another quick, per request, application. It is a command line application that can be used by remote to toggle the active display. I'm happy to say that this was the first application available for W7 that can do this.

    Basically, if two or more monitors are active it will disable all but the first; otherwise, it will toggle to the next available monitor.

    [toggle display]