Note: This is a simple app for quickly uploading hash information to

If you have a "ripped" movie collection please consider uploading to help contribute to tmdb.

Yammm 2 Tmdb Hash Upload

It is a very simple interface. Pick a folder, hit start and let it finish. Once complete verify the movie matches, uncheck any false matches and hit Upload. It will only let you post a hash once. It uses part of the new Yammm for movie matching but it is strictly read-only. Let me know if any problems with it, I probably won't make improvements as the functionality is part of the new Yammm but any bugs I'll fix.

If you are interested, more information on the tmdb movie hash is available at

Note: No hash will be shown for VIDEO_TS, BDMV, BDAV or HVDVD_TS media as tmdb does not support it YET