W7 Toggle Display

Here is another quick, per request, application. It is a command line application that can be used by remote to toggle the active display. I'm happy to say that this was the first application available for W7 that can do this.

It uses the new W7 APIs and works like below:

W7ToggleDisplay v1.1 - Michael Welter

USAGE: W7ToggleDisplay.exe [options]

  /primary       : Toggle primary display only.
  /active        : Toggles single active display between all available.
  1. /primary - Toggles between the primary or "main" display when in extended display mode.
  2. /active -
    1. If multiple active (extended or clone) displays are found it will disable all but the highest ranked.

    2. If a single active display is found it will disable it and enable the next inactive display.

    Basically, if two or more monitors are active it will disable all but the first; otherwise, it will toggle to the next available monitor. Hope it helps. If it does and you'll like more options please let me know and I'll add switches.