Media Center | Start Menu Plus

I've seen a couple requests for using the native apps (i.e. Movie Library) on custom strips this so this was born. Several other applications have mimicked this functionality but this was the first.


  • The app to rearrange tiles and add external apps is not included in the beta. You can use Advent's Media Center Studio if you'd like. My app does things a little different so I'm still going to be releasing but like I mention above a couple things are not working perfectly yet. If you want to create a custom one manually to test out the launching and closing I'll send you instructions how to do so, that part is included

  • The Favorites strip is not created

  • The background bookmarking for DVDs is disable as well.

  • I've renamed the plugin, you will need to uninstall the existing one first!

Here is what is included

  • Play DVD (will prompt if you have multiple discs mounted for which to play)

  • Play HD Disc (Blu-ray or HD-DVD)

  • Play Disc (HD or DVD)

  • Movie Library

  • Video Library

  • Music Library

  • Picture Library

  • Radio

  • Recorded TV

  • Scheduled Recorded TV

  • Live TV

  • TV Guide

  • Movie Guide

  • Shutdown (confirms and works on extenders)

  • Restart (confirms and works on extenders)

  • Turn Off Display

  • Start Screensaver

Hide Media Center Menu Strips

Hide Media Center Menu Strips Hide Media Center Menu Strips

A while ago I posted a blog about hiding Media Center Menu Stripes using registry keys. I've had more questions on this and its compatibility with MC7 lately so I went ahead and made a helper app for hiding the menu strips. This does NOT do any resource editing, it is registry based only.

For All Users setting or for extender accounts you will need to run the application with administrative rights.

I'm including Hide Meia Center Menu Strips with Start Menu Plus as I plan to merge the two.