Media Center | Extender Dvd "Transcode"

Transcode is another simple add-in for Windows 7 Media Center that enables movies stored in the VIDEO_TS folder structure to be both visible and playable via the Movie Library on Media Center Extenders. The add-in does not do any transcoding, it uses to the "transcode.dll" loophole to create an on-the-fly playlists.


  • The published version uses the largest combined file size to determine the main movie. This has it's fault. I initially was using the DirectShowLib to determine the main movie but I don't want to distribute the library w/o going through their license agreement. v1.1 will be released soon.

  • It will delete any playlists\symlinks created older than 1 day.

  • The installer grants BUILTIN\Performance Monitor Users the privilege to create symbolic links (SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege). This is necessary for the extenders to be able to create on-the-fly symlinks.

  • If you've given the mcxuser accounts administrative rights for any reasons and have UAC enabled the creation of symbolic links will fail. The reason for this is that when UAC is enabled members of the Administrators group receive a limited logon token that strips the SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege privilege.