Yammm Updated

See http://missingremote.com/forums/yammm-beta-1310200008 for information and frequent updates.


While in there I've added 2 features from Yammm v2 in addition to the fix.

  • Added improved logic for matching against remakes if the Year is specified in the folder name

  • Added several "directives" for telling Yammm what the proper movie is if it doesn't fnd it:

    • Append a tag w/ the imdb, i.e.: Whatever [imdb=tt0892769]
    • Append a tag w/ the tmdb, i.e.: Whatever [tmdb=13550]
    • Rename the folder name to the imdb, i.e.: tt0892769

Do you Yammm?

Yammm started out as a quick project that I honestly thought no one would really be interested in other than myself as there are quite a few good applications out there already. The problem was that none of the apps that I tried (quite a few) really suited my needs so Yammm was born. I've been a little slow with releases lately as my life has been very busy, good and bad, but I will continue to improve Yammm and try to accomdate as many user requests as possible. If possible please leave feedback and\or feature requests via e-mail to or over at thegreenbutton.

Yammm runs as a Windows Service and will download meta data, artwork, rename folders, rename files and\or create playlists. Metadata can be any combination of dvdid.xml, mymovies.xml and\or XBMC nfo file. All meta information and artwork is provided via either themoviedb.org or thetvdb.com. If you haven't checked them out please do so and contribute where possible.

The primary reason for creating Yammm was meta manager that runs "headless" without ANY user interaction and used folder.jpg instead of custom artwork locations. This is important to me as I use various HTPC software depending on the situation and development. I also found that most did not match well. Yammm uses various checks other than the provider's score value.


Yammm can download both poster and backdrop artwork. Either image can optionally be resized. This was added per request to help reduce lag opening your Movie Library. My recommended size is Medium with a quality of 92. The visual different between 100 and 92 is minimal but the file size is significant. You can play with different resolutions to see what you find is acceptable. As long as you have Yammm create a backup of the original (enabled by default) it will not have to redownload the artwork if you choose to increase or decrease the image size as it will use the original image for resizing.

Yammm currently only looks as movie folders (TV support is currently being tested). This means as a folder is checked the name will be used for matching. A folder name is broken into three parts. The title, year and "tags". i.e. For "Cidade de Deus (2002) [City of God] [Director's Cut]" the year is 2002, the tags are City of God and Director's Cut and the title is "Cidade de Deus". Yammm will ignore any tags when searching for a matching movie but will preserve them when renaming the folder.

If you currently have all your movies in a single file you can use the below command to create a subfolder for each movie and move the file into it.

FOR %i IN (*.*) DO (IF NOT EXIST "%~ni" MD "%~ni") & 
(MOVE "%i" "%~ni")

Note: Ensure you cut\paste as a single line in a command prompt from the folder you have all your movie files

Yammm will optionally rename matching movie folders to "Title (Year) [Tags]". If the movie is a foreign film Yammm will also attempt to append the local title as a tag. i.e. "City of God" will be renamed to "Cidade de Deus (2002) [City of God]". Here are some more examples:

American History X (1998)
Army of Darkness (1992) [Director's Cut]
Banlieue 13 (2004) [B13]
Batman- Gotham Knight (2008)
Casino Royale (2006) [007- Casino Royale]
El Orfanato (2007) [The Orphanage] [Blu-ray]
La Cité des enfants perdus (1995) [The City of the Lost Children]
Låt Den Rätte Komma In (2008) [Let The Right One In]
Se, jie (2007) [Lust, Caution]
Shogun (1980) [James Clavell's Shogun]
Surf's Up (2007) [Blu-ray]
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (2003)
X-Men (2000) [Blue-ray Rip]
X2 (2003) [Blu-ray Rip]
Y tu mamá también (2001)
Yojimbo (1961) [The Bodyguard] [Criterion Collection]
Zodiac (2007)
Æon Flux (2005)
वीर-ज़ारा (2004) [Veer-Zaara]
七人の侍 (1954) [Seven Samurai] [Criterion Collection]
臥虎藏龍 (2000) [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon]
隠し砦の三悪人 (1958) [The Hidden Fortress] [Criterion Collection]

Yammm determines the "primary" movie in a folder by grouping similar named files togethor. The largest combined size is considered the primary movie. This is to prevent trailers and samples files from being touch.

If it a single file then it renames it to "Title (Year)". If there are multiple files then they are renamed to "Title (Year) [# of ##]". All associated files are also renamed. To give an example:

Seven Swords (2005) [1 of 2].avi 
Seven Swords (2005) [1 of 2].idx 
Seven Swords (2005) [1 of 2].sub 
Seven Swords (2005) [2 of 2].avi 
Seven Swords (2005) [2 of 2].idx 
Seven Swords (2005) [2 of 2].sub 
Seven Swords (2005).dvdid.xml 
Seven Swords (2005).wvx 

The files were renamed and the playlist created for it. Thoughts?

Yammm will optionally create playlists for movies spanning over several files. It can also optionally hide the actual files so only the playlist is shown and not the individual files.

Note: Due to a bug in W7 Media Center hidden files are still visible in the Movie Library though properly hidden in the Video Library. A work-around is pending release.

Yammm can currently create any combination of the below three metadata files. OML, MM3 and additional support is being tested as well

  1. WMC (*.dvdid.xml): If enabled Yammm can create dvdid.xml files for matching movies. When possible it will use the real ID (CRC64) otherwise it will create one. When enabled you must specifiy which accounts to create the corresponding cache files. This allows you to keep your HTPC and media center extenders Movie Library metadata in sync. If present Windows 7 Movie Library will display the metadata.

  2. MyMovies (mymovies.xml): If enabled Yammm will create mymovies.xml files for each movie using metadata from either AMG if a real disc id is found or themoviedb. The mymovies.xml file is also used by popular 3rd party video libraries such as Media Browser and OML.

  3. XBMC (*.nfo): If enabled Yammm will create nfo files for each movie using metadata from either AMG if a real disc id is found or themoviedb.

Yammm also helps additional HTPC software such as Boxee by renaming files so that they can easily find corresponding metadata


  1. Requires .NET Fx 4
  2. Rename and image overwrite is disabled by default.
  3. Mapped drives must be added using their UNC Path
  4. Requires admin rights to the movie folders and admin rights to run Yammm Config.
  5. Currently only detects movies (TV series is in testing
  6. Currently only supports a single rename format: "Title (Year) [Tags]
  7. Run the Yammm Config application to Add\Remove Watched Folders
  8. Meta XML files will not be overwritten, I will update soon with an option to update missing information for existing meta files (i.e. dvdid.xml, mymovies.xml, ...
  9. I purposely did not include a way to manually edit the meta data (Note: This is changing in v1.2). Please help the community and contribute to The Movie DB.